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Crude Oil and Gas  Crude Oil and Gas

The hydrocarbon-rich mixture of crude oil and gases runs our factories, our cars, heats some homes and has provided the world with an unprecedented standard of living since its discovery in America in 1859.


We Purchase and Supply Vessel for Crude Oil haullage. Our source engineering company is in the far East and are specialist in the trade.

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Welcome to NBT INC. Ltd.  Welcome to NBT INC. Ltd.


NBT Inc LTD is a well-recognised company world-wide and have managed projects within most enterprise sectors including public ,financial, private and petroleum sectors etc. requiring I.T solutions - be it security based ,Infrastructure based, product based delivery, digital project s, software develop and support projects , Business intelligent project, Sales force project, any nature of projects, failed project resuscitation, new/existing project implementation , we have all kind of resources in-house both technical and within the managerial level capable of managing project from initiation to implementation. We help our customers maximise their values by consulting and sourcing buyers and sellers worldwide. We are one of the European independent providers of Business services and solutions to all types of industrial sectors – we are the development engine for growing businesses...

Our corporate and government clients are served by a network of branch offices across Africa, the UK, Europe and, through our international partners, at locations across the globe.

Managed and support services

We can take contractual responsibility for the management of our customers’ engagements, to reduce their costs and improve service levels. We also provide support services such as deployment and maintenance, trade engagement and negotiations, support services, logistics.

Consulting and integration

We provide professional services, including intermediation and trade facilitation to create a healthy transaction environment for all trades and industries, we also provide expert advice across a range of platforms and technologies. We cover all key areas of the IT infrastructure, from Parts sourcing to deployments and developments.

Supply chain services

We source, configure and deploy hardware from a wide portfolio of leading vendors. We also provide procurement consulting, licence management, technology disposal, asset management services, purchase and vessel hire.

Customer Units

We provide in-house delivery project and onsite projects.

In-house: meaning we are able to deliver all kind of I.T solution within your enterprise environment according to specifications/requirements remotely from our office locations nearest to you.


Onsite Project: We are happy to provide our resources to manage the required role be it a full life cycle project were we have to manage the entire project within your domain or a resource deficiency hiring were we provide specific skill set to manage certain job functionality within you domain. The good news is we are not limited to specific environment as we are open to all kinds of project within and outside the UK and our resources are happy to relocate for the period of contract as defined within the contractual project Hence Depending on the agreeable terms we can either deploy our resources or remotely manage a defined project.


NBT has provided services to almost all enterprise organisations in the U.K and other countries including Ireland, Holland, Germany etc. To get a brief of our services please see our portfolio....

Our Customer Units (CU’s) own client relationships, match offerings to client need, manage accounts, target new accounts and cross-sell into existing accounts. The CUs are:

Government, serving large central government agencies

Financial Services, serving banks, insurance firms and investment houses

Professional Services and Retailing

Industrial and Large scale procurement

Consultancy, serving our largest customer base with work-force provisioning

Coverage and SMB, serving smaller customers or those primarily served through local aids

Business support

Business support provides essential support and corporate functions for your continued business endeavours, such as IS, Telecommunication, Marketing and HR.

In addition, Looking after your IT systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week is our pride, our proactive approach to IT support means that many problems can be resolved before you suffer any downtime, ensuring computer networks and services are kept working at all times

We offer a full range of IT services, from one-off networking projects, server installation, consultancy and IT audits through to server consolidation and desktop virtualisation to extend the life of your systems.

Our IT consultants will also be able to liaise with you on your on-going business continuity plan and disaster recovery provision. Our Cloud computing implementation lets you work from any internet-enabled computer, accessing data and software from our state-of-the-art datacentre in the UK and US.


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